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Silvio Acevedo

Silvio Acevedo

Maybe one of the most beautiful things of being a creative is the possibility of achieving massive results with just the power of a good idea. In the case of this McCan Lima´s campaign for the National Blind Unit of Peru, the objective was awareness. The organization´s 80 years long fight for social inclusion of blind peolpe wasn´t as well known as it probably should. The way the agency found to tackle the problem was to upload a message in braille to youtube, in a way everyone could understand it, by using the social network´s tags, originally created for entirely different purposes. The video was widely viralized in the web, and even reached the news in Peru and other countries.

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Advertising Agency: McCann, Lima, Peru
Chief Creative Directors: Mauricio Fernández – Maldonado, Nicolás Romanó
Copywriter: Frank Martí
Art Director: Christian Silva
Integration Digital Director: Miguel Bulnes
Social Media Executives: Jhonatan de la Cruz, Mónica Campos
Case Video: 7 Samurai, Animal FX
Audio: Sonica
Source: Ads of the world


It´s not the same to think about time as a determined number of years, than conceiving it as a sucession of meaningful moments, which we want to live to the fullest, and treasure. Ernö´s campaign for the Norwegian Cancer Society features an example of how this moments can be crippled by the shortened lifespan cancer leads to in a strongly emotional way.

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Advertising Agency: Ernö, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Henrik Sæther
Copywriter: Eirik Hovland
Director: Marius Holst
Production Company: 4 1/2
Published: February 2015
Sources: Ads of the world, Vimeo.


The campaign´s goal is to stimulate open discussion about children abuse. It focuses on the consecuence the silence on the issue has for the victims: they have to endure their suffering in loneliness, for an average of 17 years. The ads stress how unbareable this situation is in a very expressive way, by comparing this period of isolation with the time people can hold their breath (50 seconds to 17 years).

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Date: May 24, 2015
ACD/Art Director: Jason Kinsella
Agency: Anti - Oslo
Client: Save the Children
Senior Creative Director/Art Director: Espen Lie Andersen
Copywriter: Emil Hafslund
Art Director: Sondre Røe
Editor/Post Production: Oystein Dyb at Bacon
Director of Photography: Pål Mokkelbost Laukli
Make Up: Trude Mokkelbost Laukli
Project Manager: Kenneth Pedersen (CEO)
Project Manager: Tina Moe
Producer: Rolf Pedersen
UV camera: Amund Lie
Grading: Flambert
Sources: Creativity and Jason Kinsella´s channel.


For most mexicans, the degree of violence and impunity present in their society reached an intolerable level. The massacre of 43 students triggered a wave of indignation, which aims much further than this particular incident. As a way to channel this situation in a positive way, the campaign #Yamecansé #Poresopropongo (I had enough, Therefore I propose) invites every mexican to manifest their frustration against the different problems of the country, as well as proposing solutions, for these to be sent to different public servants, including president Peña Nieto.

Anyone who want to participate with a proposal can enter the site, create a postcard with a phrase which includes the lines #Yamecansé #Poresopropongo, so it can be printed to be distributed among public servants and common citizens.

You can visit the campaign´s web site here:

And their facebook site here:


Print and TV campaign to celebrate Earth Day.


We believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place. Like a dancing traffic light that makes people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light. FOR more safety. #WhatAreYouFOR

Advertising Agency: BBDO Germany
Creative Directors: Lukas Liske, Daniel Schweinzer
Director: Marten Persiel

Source: Ads of the world


10 minutes away from the international airport Guarulhos, in São Paulo, 15,000 people live in the settlement called Anita Garibaldi. With a short documentary, its soccer team of the same name announced the challenge for the new world champion.

In order to create awareness about the situation, insecurity and vulnerability in the more than 6,300 favelas that exist in Brazil, Anita Garibaldi calls for the biggest support of the world cup.

The campaign with the slogan “Working together, no challenges are impossible,” was launched by the organization TECHO ( to support the work of the community Anita. The story of Anita represents the work developing over 451 organized communities in 19 countries across Latin America. The challenge will be spread through social networks via #DesafioAnita and the website

“Considering the challenges the inhabitants face every day to overcome poverty, playing against the world champion is one that they welcome openly to raise awareness about their situation. Their effort as organized communities allows them to achieve everything they want,” says Agustín Algorta, Director of TECHO, Southern Cone Region. Settlements at constant risk

“The World Cup has affected my daily life directly. It has moved the public authorities’ attention away from our internal problems,” explains Reinaldo dos Santos, resident of Anita Garibaldi.

TECHO, an organization which has worked in 70 settlements in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, says that the internal dynamics have intensified. This is due to the constant risk of forced resettlements which are not only the result of the World Cup, but also of the informal living situations of many slums.

“As an organization, we understand that the families are at a constant risk of being relocated due to their informal living situation. We believe that the solution is to find a compromise, referring to a balance between the parties. We need to find a final solution which does not only serve short-term interests but also allows the people to become citizens of a city that is fair and open to everyone,” finalizes Agustín Algorta.

Contact TECHO: Francisca Stuardo (+56996520264) / / @UnTECHO

TECHO is a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America and the Carribean that seeks to overcome the situation of poverty in which thousands of people in slums live, through the joint effort between the slum residents and youth volunteers.

With the implementation of a work model focused on community development, TECHO seeks by way of the execution of different programs, to build a fair and poverty-free community. The organization currently works in over 451 organized communities, mobilizing 80,000 volunteers per year and connecting 62 offices in the region.

TECHO is present in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. It also has offices in the United States -New York and Miami- and London.


The European Initiative for Media Pluralism promotes a petition to force the UE parliament to enact laws in defense of freedom of expression. To raise awareness on this topic we developed ALTphabet an encrypted language to protect online messages. Then we asked to journalists of some of the most important newspaper in Europe to write articles using the ALTphabet code to shake up public opinion.



Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director:Agostino Toscana
Creative Director:Manuel Musilli
Copywriter:Leonardo Cotti
Art Director:David Denni, Alessio Bianconi
Web Developer:Dario Cataldi
Account Manager:Ilaria Lorenzetti
Account Executive:Giuseppe Colasurdo
Head Of Interactive Production:Silvio Coco


As government leaders gather in London to discuss new measures to counter wildlife trafficking, WildAid and conservation’s top stars released two new messages as part of the world’s largest campaign to reduce the demand for endangered species products.

One message, “Whole World”, features The Duke of Cambridge, David Beckham, NBA great Yao Ming, and a crash of rhinos courtesy of GreenScreen Animals.

The other, “Tools of the Trade”, co-produced with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), features action star Jackie Chan, Spike a white rhino, and a computer-generated rhino made of weapons.

“Sadly all the wild rhinos in the world can fit into Wembley Stadium with room to spare,” said The Duke in WildAid’s latest message. “Together we can save our wild rhinos. When the buying stops, the killing can too.”

Longtime WildAid ambassador Jackie Chan came to London to urge government officials to redouble their efforts to stop illegal wildlife trafficking. “If you are buying rhino horn you may be paying for more than just the horn,” said Chan in a new message. “You’re paying for guns, bullets, poisoned arrows, chainsaws, axes, and machetes to hack off the face of the rhino.  And you are paying for the life of a beautiful creature.”

To learn more about this campaign and ongoing efforts to stop the demand for rhino horn please visit or  

WildAid wishes to thank the production teams that created and produced these new messages including Homestead Productions for “Tools of the Trade” and Rebel at Outsider for “Whole World."



Territorio de Zaguates (or Zaguates´s Territory in english) is a Costa Rican organization dedicated to provide abandoned dogs with shelter. But people isn´t as willing to adopt one of the mutts Territorio de Zaguates protects, as much as they are to buy pure breed dogs. As a result, the organization had to take in too many dogs for them to handle, son they needed to make rotation raise. The solution came with the Unique Breeds campaign, which consisted in creating intrest in the shelter´s mutts by presenting them as the one-of-a-kind pets they actually are. Results were remarkable: adoption grew 1400 percent and 100 percent of the shelter expenses are now covered by sponsor brands.

Advertising Agency: GarnierBBDO, San José, Costa Rica
General Creative Director: Manuel Travisany
Art Director / Illustrator: Héctor Acuña
Creatives: Sergio Chinchilla, Diego Vásquez
Designers: Natalia Milner, Manuel Méndez
Graphic producer: Randall Salazar
Production director: Tomás Jankovich
Producers: Walter Benavides, Edwin Valverde, Esteban Garro
Media director: Alexandra Orozco
PR: Ivonne Aguilar
Photographers: Alex Zúñiga, José Pastor
Special credits: Dr. Óscar Robert Echandi and his family
Published: February 2013


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