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Silvio Acevedo

Silvio Acevedo

World Vision Canada wanted to mobilize the public to urge the Canadian government to show leadership by supporting a peaceful solution to the 5 year Syrian conflict – one that would help restore peace and hope for a sustainable future to the children of Syria. World Vision asked Grassriots to support their advocacy efforts with a campaign to make this a reality and help save lives not yet lost.


Creative Director: Paul Bonsell
Art Director: Paul Bonsell, Deborah Caprara
Copywriter: Paul Bonsell, Logan Broger
Digital Artist: Paul Bonsell
Project Manager: Meghan Liu
Client: World Vision Canada


Humane Society has lead the fight against the commercial seal fur industry for over 40 years and have been critical in the banning of seal products around the world. HSI needs to raise money to continue toward its goal of eliminating any remaining demand for seal fur so this year, Grassriots helped them take a different approach to the traditionally bloody commercial seal hunt protest advertising with a campaign that focuses on the fact that the commercial seal hunt will never be humane.


Creative Director: Paul Bonsell
Art Director: Paul Bonsell, Deborah Caprara
Copywriter: Paul Bonsell, Logan Broger
Photography: Mark Ridout
Project Manager: Meghan Liu
Client: Humane Society International


The World Bank Group which finances the majority of farms globally launched a review of their safeguard policies. The current policy regarding animal welfare is substandard and outdated. By simply updating the sentence pertaining to animal welfare in the policy, the standard for how billions of farm animals are confined would be forever changed. The Humane Society International came to Grassriots to run an advocacy campaign that would help make this policy change a reality.


Creative Director: Paul Bonsell
Art Director: Paul Bonsell, Deborah Caprara
Copywriter: Paul Bonsell
Photography: Mark Ridout
Client: Humane Society International


Everyone knows leather comes from animals. So when we look at leather clothes in a showroom, we are watching something that used to be alive. Some people also know how much cruelty the process of making a creature to become a belt or a jacket involves. But when displayed in stores, malls, runways or even the street, this aspect of the leather industry is usually the last thing to cross our minds. As our attention is successfully diverted to the glamour and the beauty of a designer´s creation, the cruelty remains concealed at plain sight.

Ogilvy & Mather Thailand created a very provocative way to make this ignominious facet of fashion to stand out. They took leather items on display in an pop-up store, not to sell them anything, but to give them “entrails”: fake intestines, blood, a beating heart, were put inside the clothes. When the customers opened or even tried them, they were presented with an unsettling surprise, that would let them feel and remember there is still something more than just disgusting about producing and -for the same reasons- consuming leather.


People who values freedom speech would probably wish a happy twentieth aniversary to Reporters Witout Borders Belgium. However, unlike what one would do in a regular birthday party, they would also hope their existence could end right then and there, and in fact they would probably wish they were never born alltogether. Wouldn´t it be the best thing to happen for their cause if an organization fighting for it simply didn´t make sense at all, because every individual in the world could take their right to express their own selfes for granted?

This is why this "birthday party" can have very special "guests", with their very own reasons to be happy for the occasion. In the video below, major freedom speech offenders, such as Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-Un sing the happy birthday song to the organization, stressing with irony how unfortunately necessary it´s fight still is now and still will be every time anybody needs to risk his or her life to publish information relevant to the public knowledge. Because, after all, this special "guests" have also their very own reasons to wish to RWB Belgium it´s existence could finish here and now.

Happy birthday Reporters Without Borders Belgium, we wish your brave struggle for freedom speech ends victoriously as soon as possible!

Creative Directors: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker
Digital Creative Director: Naïm Baddich
Copywriter: Maarten De Maayer
Art Director: Daniel Van den Broucke
Agency Producer: Publicis Brussels
Digital Producer: Tanguy De Kelver
Account Manager: Amandine Clio
Strategic Planner: Berten Peremans


An innovative project of large-scale promotion of peace, for the prevention and reduction of violence at local, national and global levels.

Initially, the programs and actions of local, national and international prestigious Pacifist and Educators for Peace, registered in an online CROWDFUNDING FOR PEACE, will receive the investments.

Prestigious institutions in the education, ICT and management area, will develop the necessary tools; and will follow online, along with citizens, the functioning of the project and its results.

The investment will be made directly by the public and private sectors: municipal, state and national governments, and businesses, organizations and citizens.

Responsible for the movement: Jorge Carcavallo
Click to Action:


You’re either here to buy something ridiculous or to complain about something ridiculous. Either way, it’s a good thing that you’re here. The Business Bulge is a fictional product. What’s not fictional is the fact that in 2016, women still earn less because of their gender. That’s not just wrong. It’s embarrassing. Politicians aren’t addressing the problem, and CEO’S need a reason to act.

AWB Team:

Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria
Creative Directors: Bruno Oppido, Thiago Carvalho
Art Director: Rachel Newell
Copywriter: Tyler Kirsch
President / Chief Executive Officer: Chris Brown
Account Director: Hollie Doran
Agency Producers: Ed Zazzera, Amanda Van Caneghem
Social Strategy: Chiara Martini, Robin West
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Hank Perlman
Managing Partner / EP: Kevin Byrne
Producer: Caleb Dewart
DOP: Cale Finot
Production Designer: Paul McConnell
Production Supervisor: Sherra Fermino
Editorial: Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor: Tom Scherma
Assistant Editors: Dave Otte, Chrissy Doughty
Producer: Viet-An Nguyen
Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
Responsible for the Organization: Gerardo Porteny Backal
Advertising Agency: DDB, New York, USA

Campaign´s site:
YM4GE´s site:


The beach can be a dangerous place, that’s why lifeguards exist. However, the hazards they preserve us from aren’t actually the biggest threats to our lives while we enjoy ourselves at the coast. At least in Argentina, while 274 died drowned in 2014, deaths from skin cancer in the same year climbed to 860. To raise awareness about the problem, LALCEC (Argentinian League Against Cancer) and J. Walter Thompson Argentina created the Sun Lifeguards. With towers facing the people on the beach rather than the sea, this lifeguards were dermatologists who would take care of the tourists by providing sun protection to the people who weren’t using it, making dermatological tests and recommending different sun protection factors through warning flags. The action had massive impact in the media and in social networks.

Winner in Cannes 2015

Category: Media - Use Of Media - Use Of Ambient Media: Large Scale.
Award: Bronze.

Media: Ambient
Agency: J Walter Thompson Argentina
Advertiser: LALCEC
Brand: L.A.L.C.E.C.
ECD: Anita Rios
Art Director: Juan Lodola/ Ezequiel Irureta
Copywriter: Sebastián Lombroni/ Luciano Griessi
Head of Production: Cosme Argerich
Agency Producer: Belén Solimano
Account Director: Ariel Traverso
Advertiser supervisro: Diego Paonessa
Production company: Primo Buenos Aires
Director: Sepia
Executive producer: Alejandro Di Michele
Producer: Victoria Piantini
Post production: Casa Kiev
Sound: Error Sound


Cannes Lions Archive
Error Sound Vimeo Profile


Live on through your organ donation. This seems to be the message of “The Man and the Dog”, the campaign created by DDB Argentina for FATH (Fundación Argentina de Transplante Hepático), which features a short, strong story. It´s about a dog that follows its master everywhere he goes, until he is hospitalized. The dog can´t enter the hospital, so it waits for a long time, until a woman comes out, and both recognize each other: the woman received an organ of the dog´s master, who passed away, so in this particular way, the dog can still love its master, and he can still love his pet back.

Winner in Cannes 2015

Category: Film - Tv & Cinema Film - Fundraising, Donations & Appeals.
Award: Bronze.

Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina
Creative VP: Hernán Juaregui
Executive Creative Director: Beto Cocito
Agency Executive Producer: Diane Jackson
Account Director: Daniela Tucci
Creative Manager: Pablo Banchieri
Production Company: Central Films North
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
Executive Producer: John Barreiro
Conceptualizer: Leandro Custo
Production Service Company/Co-Producer: Rebolucion Argentina
Rebolucion EP: Patricio Alvarez Casado
Post Production: The Whitehouse Chicago
Post Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter
Post Producer: Caitlin Morris
Editor: Matthew Wood
Assistant Editor: Caleb Helper
Post Production: The Mill
Post Executive Producer: Andrew Sommerville
Post Producer: Samantha Letzler
Colorist: Luke Morrison
Lead 2D Artist: Randy McEntee
2D Artists: Michael Sarabia, Jonathan Freeman
Audio Engineer: Nicholas Papaleo
Music: “Stuff We Did” by Michael Giacchino



The idea of animals as authors is a fascinating one. And the concept of capturing their very own point of view of nature is interesting and original. “Animal Copyrights” is the result of combining them both to raise funds for endangered species, as well as to study nature in a different way. The initiative consisted in putting small cameras on wild animals. This made possible to obtain filmic record of natural locations from the animal´s perspective, since they were actually shot by them. A selection of the best images from the footage was used to create a collection of photographs which was put on sale on Latinstock. The profits obtained are, of course, destined to assist the best interest of their owners.

Winner in Cannes 2015

Category: Promo And Activation - Use Of Promo & Activation - Sponsorship Or Partnership Campaigns.
Award: Bronze.

Brand: WWF
Media: Online
Category: Public interest
Agency: Cheil
Geo: Spain
WWF / Latinstock: Animal copyrights
Advertising Agency: Cheil, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Breno Cotta
Copywriters: Isaac Maroto, Cristina Alonso
Art Directors: Diego Rodriguez, José Venditti
Production Company: Jabuba Films
Published: May 2015
Executive Creative Director: Breno Riviere-Guimaraes Cotta(Cheil Spain)
Art Director: Diego Rodríguez Fraile(Cheil Spain)
Producer, Director and post-producer: Julio Arenas Garcia-Puente(JABUBA FILMS)
Producer, Director and post-producer: Alberto Peláez Valtuille(JABUBA FILMS)
Copywriter: Cristina Alonso del Río(Cheil Spain)
Copywriter: Isaac Maroto(Cheil Spain)
Executive Producer: Jordi Civit(BEAT MUSIC)
Art Director: José Venditti(Cheil Spain)
Technology Director: Roberto Torres(Cheil Spain)
Producer, Director and post-producer: Rubén Cuñarro González(JABUBA FILMS)
The Online Advert titled Animal copyrights was done by Cheil Madrid advertising agency for brand: WWF in Spain. It was released in the May 2015.



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