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How do you end the circle of violence in a community? Making children embrace a different way, letting them understand the are not doomed to reproduce the present they are living in, showing them they can turn it into something else. In the campaign "Connect the shots", an urban artist invites kids to transform signs of violence into a game, and this game into a message of peace.

AWB Team:

Client: The-Non Violence Project
Advertising Agency: McCann, Mexico
VP Executive Creative Director: Javi Carro
Creative Director: Jaume Gubianes
Copywriter: Jorge Ramos
Creative: Eddie Aguirre
Agency Producers: Juan Gonzalez, Emmanuel Aguilar
Account: Audrey Amselli, Irving Romero
Director: Hernan Churba
Photography Director: Miguel de la Cruz
Production company: Mapa Producciones


The Solid State presents the short animated film created together with the non-profit children's charity The Smith Family.

Living out of a car and struggling to find enough food to eat every day may seem unthinkable to most of us, but for Jess Ellis it was a real part of growing up. Jess & The Mighty Journey is the third film in the Tales of the One in Ten series which tells a true tale of courage brought to life in animation.

From the age of five, when her mother Sandra developed Multiple Sclerosis, Jess faced a challenging life of extreme disadvantage. Despite this difficult start in life, Jess has turned her life around, thanks to essential support from national children's education charity The Smith Family. She was able to complete school and enter university. Now, she's embarking on a journey to become a doctor – with a dream of pioneering techniques that could help find a cure for MS sufferers like her mum.

Jess' message of hope, is being supported by 'Studio 10's' co-host Sarah Harris, who dealt with disadvantage of her own as a child. "Jess' story is an inspiration to everyone", said Sarah. "People like her are the real heroes. They deserve to have their story heard".

The Tales of the One in Ten animated films are based on the real life stories of children that come through the doors of The Smith Family.  There are over 638,000 kids in Australia (that's 1 in 10!) that have to deal with some tough issues due to difficult financial circumstances - this shocking statistic is largely unknown in this country.

Hope you enjoy Jess & The Mighty Journey !

For more information head to or follow on Twitter @talesofthe1in10 with the unique hashtag #talesofthe1in10


Your help is urgently needed to provide critical relief to families in Nepal affected by the earthquake. CARE is already on the ground preparing for the relief effort.

For over six decades, CARE has been providing emergency aid in times of crisis. Your gift today will help us continue to provide food, water and shelter to those most affected by this disaster and others around the world.

Your help is very important. PLEASE DONATE NOW


Mobilish School is a worldwide marketing campaign launched in 2014 to make people face the issue of smartphone addiction by creating a language that does not exist in the real world.

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The language is based on the finding that people usually take interjections like “Uh-huh” or “Hmm” as answers to any questions while they are busy checking their smartphones.These words are exaggerated as vowels of a language —Mobilish. The main message of the campaign was that though these words are meaningless, they still hurt. People should pay attention of their words and behaviors when they are on mobiles.

Instead of telling people to put down their smartphones, we prefer a funnier and ironic way. We designed whole language systems to emphasize the simplicity and efficiency of Mobilish, moreover, a 2 -hour long commercial called ” The longest language school commercial ever” was released to show how the future world will look like if people keep phubbing each other.

Rules Creative (TW)


Contact Name: Jarvis




The Solid State works alongside the non-profit children's charity The Smith Family on 'Tales of the One in Ten', a series of short films that hope to raise awareness about disadvantaged children in Australia.

There are over 638,000 kids in Australia (that's 1 in 10!) that have to deal with some tough issues due to difficult financial circumstances - this shocking statistic is largely unknown in this country.

These animated films are based on the real life stories of children that come through the doors of The Smith Family.  The first film of the series, Alice & The Giant Emptiness, told the tale of a young girl, who overcomes a negative self-image to live a life full of possibility, which received a Golden Trailer award.

David & the Big Heavy, the second film of the series, follows the true story of a young immigrant boy who struggles to cope with a myriad of issues at home and school as his family adjusts to life in a new country. This contemporary tale deals with the unique difficulties faced by immigrant families when beginning their journey in a new country with English as their second language. At only two and a half minutes, David & the Big Heavy touches, enlightens and informs.

For more information head to or follow on Twitter @talesofthe1in10 with the unique hashtag #talesofthe1in10

Team: The Solid State


Contact name: The Solid State

Contact email:



Charity launches digital display that takes credit card donations

How do you encourage people to donate money to a humanitarian institution?

Turn the act of giving into something creative and fun.

German agency, Kolle Rebbe, has developed for NGO Misereor the first interactive digital display for donation by credit card.

The impact of the installation is so fantastic that donors don’t mind at all contributing their 2 euros to the cause.


This spot features Fernanda Romano - Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Naked - discussing a campaign from director Casey Neistat, who was given $25,000 budget to promote 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' - and decided instead to put the money to better use.

Take a look at the video:

And take a look to the original Casey Neistat´s video:


A city centre shopping mall in Berlin. McCann Germany choose a top location and put up their stand. It is disguised as a makeup stand and they invite women to come over for a free makeup. What the women do not know is that instead of giving them a fantastic makeup, they are giving them a black eye.

With "The Truth" by TERRE DES FEMMES the makeup that reveals rather than conceals. It was especially developed for this occasion and contains blue-green greasepaint. With this PR campaign McCann Germany wants to impress the outcomes of domestic violence on people and thus raise awareness of the issue.




This campaign is made by Old-Continent, a young communication agency from Brussels Belgium. The center of the campaign is the website The website is a journey from forests to highways to understand the stakes of a complex debate.

Stop Bad Biofuels aims to fix the current biofuels law in Europe. Most biofuels produce more emissions than conventional petrol and diesel, lead to deforestation, increase global food prices and cost billions of euros in taxpayer money.

On 11 September, the European Parliament will have the opportunity to fix Europe’s biofuels policy. Therefore the organisation behind the campaign ask the public to sign the petition.


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Additional credits:
Campaigning organisations include:
Transport & Environment
BirdLife Europe
European Environmental Bureau

Creative Director: Arnaud Jourdan
Webdevelopment: Beewin


Here are three posters by Amnesty International - Germany, which play its cause and celebrate 50 years together in 2012.



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