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Reporters Without Borders Belgium - Happy Birthday

by Silvio Acevedo
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People who values freedom speech would probably wish a happy twentieth aniversary to Reporters Witout Borders Belgium. However, unlike what one would do in a regular birthday party, they would also hope their existence could end right then and there, and in fact they would probably wish they were never born alltogether. Wouldn´t it be the best thing to happen for their cause if an organization fighting for it simply didn´t make sense at all, because every individual in the world could take their right to express their own selfes for granted?

This is why this "birthday party" can have very special "guests", with their very own reasons to be happy for the occasion. In the video below, major freedom speech offenders, such as Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-Un sing the happy birthday song to the organization, stressing with irony how unfortunately necessary it´s fight still is now and still will be every time anybody needs to risk his or her life to publish information relevant to the public knowledge. Because, after all, this special "guests" have also their very own reasons to wish to RWB Belgium it´s existence could finish here and now.

Happy birthday Reporters Without Borders Belgium, we wish your brave struggle for freedom speech ends victoriously as soon as possible!

Creative Directors: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker
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Copywriter: Maarten De Maayer
Art Director: Daniel Van den Broucke
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Account Manager: Amandine Clio
Strategic Planner: Berten Peremans

Silvio Acevedo

Silvio Acevedo

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