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Campaigns that change the world ...well least we try!

by Silvio Acevedo
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After a brutal dog slaughter occurred in San Joaquin, Chile, carried out by municipality workers, the action taken was to upload a video to Youtube showing images of this actions and inviting people to download QR Code collars to put them on the stray dogs of San Joaquin. Which when scanned, denounced the events.

Thus, transforming the same dogs in a mean of protest.Thanks to the noise generated in the media, an investigation  and a criminal complaint were achieved against the mayor of San Joaquin Sergio Echeverria, led by ProAnimal Chile, thanks to data received by the citizens and journalists.


A criminal complaint against the Mayor of San Joaquin, Sergio Echeverria. 
25,000 Necklaces downloaded.

Creative Direction: Pablo "sativa" Castro 
Client: Patricia Cocas, ProanimalChile founder.

Video URL

Launch Date: 17/11/2011


by Silvio Acevedo
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ADVERTISERS WITHOUT BORDERS, the network committed to the promotion of global social causes, has just launched the campaign THE CHILDREN NOTWORK to raise social awareness about child labor.

To know about the campaign, please watch the following video:

As child labor is a worldwide reality, the media chosen to reflect this situation was LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networks on the Internet. This idea, created by Coupé Buenos Aires agency and IURL digital agency, was born when it was detected that LinkedIn does not have a user age limit for creating a profile or generating the job search. Namely, any child can register as a candidate/independent worker without being stopped. The campaign is not intended to damage LinkedIn´s image. This site was simply chosen for being one of the world’s most important professional networks.

Several made-up profiles were open in order to activate this campaign. More than 50 children and 10 companies working with minors in different places of the world were placed on the site. Immediately, all children were connected to hundreds of thousand users through a professional request sent from the site. The people contacted received the request that, symbolically speaking, invited them to accept the reality of child labor or to continue ignoring it.

Professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and opinion liders from around the world have been contacted. The initiative has soon become a topic conversation on social networking sites. Thousands of people have shared the campaign in their walls, on Twitter and on blogs of different languages. International organizations and bodies have joined as well and the world media disseminated the news. The campaign has reached a large viralization with a low budget, generating great awareness results.

We need to start noticing that child labor affects millions of children around the world who do not have access to basic childhood rights. In the same way, it’s still expected that LinkedIn changes its application form making it suitable only for adults. It is intended that this change will apply to social reality as well, aiming to stop child labor going unnoticed.


The International Labor Organization most recent estimate shows that there are 215 million children victims of child labor and that over half of them are involved in its worst different ways, physical, psychological or moral abuse that will cause severe damages for the rest of their lives.

All the children have the right to be protected against exploitation, which hinders their own rights and general development. By entering the labor market prematurely, they are deprived from the access to education, not only for them but also for their families and communities. Education is extremely necessary to rise from the poverty cycle they are immersed in.

Today, there are thousands of companies that make use of child labor as valid currency directly as workforce in their own operations, or indirectly through their suppliers. Acknowledging this situation, each company can co-operate eradicating child labor by controlling their own workforce and suppliers. A childhood free from exploitation is our responsibility.

The children who work:
- Would be the fifth largest population in the world
- Are much more than the total of LinkedIn users
- Are the double of people who watch the Super Bowl.
- Are more than the inhabitants of Brazil.
- Are more people than Germany, England and France together.


- inclusive-education/child-workers/


ADVERTISERS WITHOUT BORDERS is an International Network of Communication Professionals who donate part of their time to generate the best they can do: Creative high-impact campaigns to bring awareness messages to the largest number of people possible. Poverty, health, childhood, voluntary work, peace culture, values, environmental care and child labor are some of the causes this network deals with. The call to action is activated through natural disasters, human tragedies, alarming events or social matters that need to be set and updated in the social public agenda. There is always an open invitation to join this network as an independent professional or an agency, visiting We need you in. We need you now.


Agency: Coupe Buenos Aires
Ceo: Pablo Gil
General Creative Director: Coco Olivera
Head of Art: Nicolás Foresi
Copywriter: Nía Martinez
Digital Production: iURL
General Account Manager: Alex Smith
Project Manager: Luciano Sbarbati / Libia Puente
General Art Direction: Veronica Smith
Art Direction & Design: Silvina Molnar
Photo Selection: Ariel Horton
Creative Assistant: Agustin Pelliza / David González
Web Developer: Matias Alvarez Arcaya / Mariana Hernandorena / Germán Lugo Smith
Photography: Latinstock - Julieta Korenman
Client Responsible: Guillermo Caro
Press: Lucía Cozzitorto - Silvio Acevedo
Translation: Vanesa González


by Silvio Acevedo
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Do you remember the pictures of black lungs we were shown at school? Tobacco Body is exactly the same thing done for the iPad age. It is a tool for teachers to show how tobacco changes our bodies. We've been working with Cancer Society of Finland since the inception of our agency cracking the same problem: How do we get teenagers to think critically about smoking? This time we thought about the school world and soon realized that those pictures in the books are still the same. Isn't it time for an update? Can't technology make the shock effect more shocking?

Creative Director: Erkki Izarra
Art Directors: Maria Friedman, Ville Kovanen
Copywriters: Valtteri Väkevä, Jonathan Mander, Anna Lundqvist
Graphic Designer: Pol Sosona
Producers: Krista Durchman, Peggy Petrell
Photographer: Kimmo Syväri
Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Production company: !noob


by Silvio Acevedo
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To this day, there are still drivers and passengers who die in road
accidents because they were not buckled up. Wearing a seat belt
reduces by half the risk of being killed or seriously injured in an
accident. The SAAQ continues its efforts to raise awareness of seat
belt use with ads posted on the Internet as well as in bars and
restaurants. This French-language campaign mainly targets youth age 16
to 24 to bring them to adopt this safety behaviour as early as
possible. If all Quebecers buckled up, 50 deaths and 140 serious
injuries could be prevented every year.
Quebec Automobile Insurance Society
More campaign to visit:


by Silvio Acevedo
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Title : Amnesty International - Ink
Launch date: 24/05/2012
For Amnesty International’s new film, Cyrille de Vignemont and TBWA
wanted to show that signatures were a powerful symbolic weapon to
protect victims but also to neutralize government sponsored torture.
By showing the prisoner’s body, his muffled perception of sounds,
Cyrille wanted to tell the story in the most sensory way possible. The
ink then comes in with the violence of a gunshot.
For the projection, 4000 liters of ink were used and turned the whole
crew into Avatar-like characters by the end of the shoot, despite
their protective gear.

Director : Cyrille de Vignemont
Dop : Nicolas Loir
Editor : Marc Maborough
Production manager : Yannis Cullaz
Creative directors : Remy Holden and Remy Noel
Copywriter : Arnaud Labille
Art Director : Frederic Durand
Agency Producer : Amer Zoghbi
Sound : ELSE
Post Production : Wanda / Vanessa Koscianski

Website :
Contact Name: Charlotte Heino

Contact e-mail:


by Silvio Acevedo
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Y&R Mexico created this print campaign for Save the Children, which hauntingly demonstrates how an abused child can easily go 'full circle' and end up being the abuser. The cowering child is shown at several different ages, eventually morphing into the abusive adult.



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