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Campaigns that change the world ...well least we try!

by Lucia
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The Solid State works alongside the non-profit children's charity The Smith Family on 'Tales of the One in Ten', a series of short films that hope to raise awareness about disadvantaged children in Australia.

There are over 638,000 kids in Australia (that's 1 in 10!) that have to deal with some tough issues due to difficult financial circumstances - this shocking statistic is largely unknown in this country.

These animated films are based on the real life stories of children that come through the doors of The Smith Family.  The first film of the series, Alice & The Giant Emptiness, told the tale of a young girl, who overcomes a negative self-image to live a life full of possibility, which received a Golden Trailer award.

David & the Big Heavy, the second film of the series, follows the true story of a young immigrant boy who struggles to cope with a myriad of issues at home and school as his family adjusts to life in a new country. This contemporary tale deals with the unique difficulties faced by immigrant families when beginning their journey in a new country with English as their second language. At only two and a half minutes, David & the Big Heavy touches, enlightens and informs.

For more information head to or follow on Twitter @talesofthe1in10 with the unique hashtag #talesofthe1in10

Team: The Solid State


Contact name: The Solid State

Contact email:



by Silvio Acevedo
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The European Initiative for Media Pluralism promotes a petition to force the UE parliament to enact laws in defense of freedom of expression. To raise awareness on this topic we developed ALTphabet an encrypted language to protect online messages. Then we asked to journalists of some of the most important newspaper in Europe to write articles using the ALTphabet code to shake up public opinion.



Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director:Agostino Toscana
Creative Director:Manuel Musilli
Copywriter:Leonardo Cotti
Art Director:David Denni, Alessio Bianconi
Web Developer:Dario Cataldi
Account Manager:Ilaria Lorenzetti
Account Executive:Giuseppe Colasurdo
Head Of Interactive Production:Silvio Coco


by Silvio Acevedo
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Territorio de Zaguates (or Zaguates´s Territory in english) is a Costa Rican organization dedicated to provide abandoned dogs with shelter. But people isn´t as willing to adopt one of the mutts Territorio de Zaguates protects, as much as they are to buy pure breed dogs. As a result, the organization had to take in too many dogs for them to handle, son they needed to make rotation raise. The solution came with the Unique Breeds campaign, which consisted in creating intrest in the shelter´s mutts by presenting them as the one-of-a-kind pets they actually are. Results were remarkable: adoption grew 1400 percent and 100 percent of the shelter expenses are now covered by sponsor brands.

Advertising Agency: GarnierBBDO, San José, Costa Rica
General Creative Director: Manuel Travisany
Art Director / Illustrator: Héctor Acuña
Creatives: Sergio Chinchilla, Diego Vásquez
Designers: Natalia Milner, Manuel Méndez
Graphic producer: Randall Salazar
Production director: Tomás Jankovich
Producers: Walter Benavides, Edwin Valverde, Esteban Garro
Media director: Alexandra Orozco
PR: Ivonne Aguilar
Photographers: Alex Zúñiga, José Pastor
Special credits: Dr. Óscar Robert Echandi and his family
Published: February 2013


by Silvio Acevedo
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#GivingTuesday™ (#GT) is a movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The second annual GivingTuesday is on December 3, 2013. In the same way that retail stores take part in Black Friday, we want the giving community to come together for #GivingTuesday. We ask that partners create and commit to a project for/on #GivingTuesday and then help spread the word to their networks.

You can visit the campaign´s site here:


Responsible Promoter:
Creation: Advertisers Without Borders
Creative Manager Director: Guillermo Caro
Director: Raúl Manrupe
Camera and Production: Luciana Pedicone Lewin
Edition: Daniel Soldano
Creative Direction: Javier Basevich
Music and Sound Design: La Pirada Latam
Actors: Antonella Placenti, Ana Laura Garcia, Ignacio Zeytuntsian Maiza, Ximena Castellanos, Victoria Castellanos,
Emmanuel Tomaselli, Tobias Perez Cobo
Camera Assistant: Elian Pittana
Make up and styling: Antonella Scalia
Production Assistant: Nicolas Gonzalez Monasterio
Photography: María Lopez Dardaine
Assistant Volunteers: Victoria Asseff Von Stecher, María Elena Cruz, Silvio Acevedo


by Silvio Acevedo
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The 1 Meter of Peace Project proposes to expresses the desire of reaching world peace by sharing "1 meter of peace"at a time.They gifted 1 meter of peace to more than one thousand people in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, and European countries.And they asked every person who received it to collaborate with a picture to feed the project´s website:
You can contact them through their email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and receive your meter of peace. For now, it would be necessary for you to pay the shipping if you don´t live in Argentina,until they find a way to do so for free.


by Lucia
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This Billboard Generates Clean Drinking Water Straight From The Air

In Lima, Peru, a billboard uses a filtration system to create clean water for the water-starved city--and advertises for an engineering school.

UTEC, the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru, decided to pull off a clever engineering stunt to attract a new class of techie do-gooder students: create a billboard on the Pan-American Highway that generates potable water out of thin air.

Lima is the ideal place for a water-creating billboard. It almost never rains in the desert environment, so there is a lack of fresh water. And yet atmospheric humidity can climb up to 98%, so the air is thick with potential droplets. The billboard contains five generators that churn out purified water through a reverse osmosis system. The system sends water to a tank that can store up to 100 liters per day. As you can see in the video, people are actually using the billboard to get fresh water. In three months of operation, the billboard has produced thousands of liters.

This was a great publicity move for UTEC; the positive community response means that the billboards could eventually be duplicated elsewhere.




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