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The ALS Association - Project Revoice

by Silvio Acevedo
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It´s already extremely challenging and ambitious to create an awareness campaign that reaches the whole world, gets the message through and takes media by storm... once. However, after the Ice Bucket Challenge, The ALS Association just did it again, by launching Project Revoice.

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that progressively deteriorates the patients´ ability to move muscles. Eventually, they lose their ability to talk as well, and this has a strong impact on them, as one´s voice is an important part of anyone´s identity.

The Project is a program that enables patients in this stage of the disease to communicate with their own voice, instead of a computer´s, or pre-recorded phrases. In order to spread the voice about this, BWM Dentsu Sydney focused the campaign in Pat Quinn, co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and a notorious advocate for the ALS disease cause, until due to this health condition, he lost his ability to speak.

By showing how the program made it possible for Pat to speak once more, the agency made the introduction of the new technology a part of Pat´s and the Foundation´s already great story of struggle and victory against adversity: the man who became a champion of the fight against this terrible disease, had his own voice taken away by the illness. But now, with the help of the program, he is back once again, to let the whole world know that ALS patients can reclaim their own voice back, just like he did.

Winner in Cannes 2018 (13 Awards)

- Grand Prix for Good

Creative Data Lions
- Data-technology (Gold Lion)
- Data-driven Consumer Product (Bronze Lion)
- Data Storytelling (Shortlisted)
- Data-enhanced Creativity (Shortlisted)

PR Lions
- Use of Technology (Silver Lion)
- Sectors > Not-for-profit / Charity (Bronze Lion)
- Social Community Building & Management (Shortlisted)

Health & Wellness Lions
- Health & Wellness Tech (Bronze Lion)
- Health & Wellness Tech (Shortlisted)

Direct Lions
- Sectors > Not-for-profit / Charity (Shortlisted)
- Channels > Use of Technology (Shortlisted)

Innovation Lions
- Applied Innovation (Shortlisted)


Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director: Asheen Naidu
Senior Creative Team: René Schultz & Oskar Westerdal
Film Producer: Emma Durlacher
Design Director: Eeuwout 'Dutchy' Baart
Digital Producer: Jenna Mills
Director: Brett Ludeman
Editor: Brendon Killen

PR Agency: Haystac
National General Manager Haystac: Jason Carnew
General Manager Haystac Sydney: Sarah Littlefair

Technology Partner: Lyrebird
Co-Founder and CEO: Alexandre de Brébisson
Co-Founders: Jose Sotelo & Kundan Kumar
Head of Operations: David Dodero

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Brett Ludeman
Executive Producer: Corey Esse
Producer: Claire Thompson

Technology Partner: Nakatomi
Managing Director: Emad Tahtouh
Producer: Cara Szabo
Engineer: Hamish Pain
Senior Engineer: Patrick Barnes
Interactive Team Lead: Ben Bray

Sound & Music: Rumble Studios
Sound Designers: Tone Aston & Cam Milne
Post Producer: Sha Toth
Music Producer: Michael Gie
Composer: Darren Lim

Website: Space 66
General Manager: Christopher Gregson
Creative Director: Elliot Owen


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